Online resource for emphysema sufferers


A new website providing information for emphysema sufferers and their families has been developed by Olympus Australia.

The website offers emphysema patients and their support network information about the disease, treatment options, and helps them connect with some respiratory physicians.

Olympus Australia’s Respiratory Product Manager, Natasha Botvinik said the company wanted to deliver educational resources for emphysema sufferers.

“Olympus has a responsibility to provide the Australian public access to the latest information on endoscopic treatment alternatives for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), in addition to the more traditional pharmacological options,” Ms Botvinik said.

Emphysema, (COPD), severely affects quality of life, capacity to exercise and sleep patterns. It is often associated with other health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and depression.

Macquarie University Hospital Interventional Pulmonologist, Dr Tajalli Saghaie believes the website could help emphysema patients better cope with their disease.

“When dealing with a chronic progressive debilitating disease like emphysema, every little attempt to better understand and manage this condition matters, just as every breath matters for a breathless patient,” said Dr Saghaie.


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