NSW-first for adolescents at Northside Group St Leonards Clinic


Northside Group St Leonards Clinic is expanding with the creation of 23 additional mental health beds, including a new 13-bed adolescent unit to support young people.

Northside Group CEO, Anne Mortimer, said: “This specialised adolescent unit will be the first private facility of its kind in New South Wales.”

“Under the direction of Dr John Kasinathan, the unit will accept inpatients between the ages of 14 to 18 and will complement our existing specialised young adult inpatient and day patient service which caters for patients aged 18 to 25 years,” she said.

“Current demand for mental health services for this age group is high and the Northside Group is committed to reducing the burden by providing high quality and quickly-accessible services.”

“Also, as part of the expansion project, we will also grow our Young Adult Mental Health beds as well as introducing a new VIP Suite in our acute services offering an additional level of service and comfort.”

The expansion is due for completion in July 2021.


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