‘Nicest man’ hits 500th robot surgery milestone


Renowned gynaecologist Associate Professor Felix Chan has added another milestone to his distinguished career, performing his 500th robotic surgery at Sydney's Westmead Private Hospital.

A leader in his field, A/Prof Chan has delivered the most robotic procedures per year across any speciality in Australia.

“Numbers are just numbers to me but really it’s such an exciting time and it is a milestone, so I’m ready for the next 500,” he said.

“It’s important to push the boundaries, be innovative and use the best equipment because you get better at what you do and robotics is one of the technologies that produce the better outcomes for the patient.” 

Debra Hollins was his 500th robotic patient in August 2020. 

“Felix Chan is just the nicest man. He was so warm and welcoming when I went for my first visit and he took me through the whole thing,” Mrs Hollins said.

“He took the time to make me feel at ease and just gave me that confidence to know what I was doing was right.”

A three-time nominee for Australian of the Year (2009, 2011-12), A/Prof Chan said he enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills by mentoring colleagues at Westmead Private, which is part of the Ramsay Health Care group.

“I love being a support for my colleagues because you need friends in your profession to share your experiences with. Sometimes they require my expertise or it could be a simple discussion to talk through a particular case.

“By talking you become more educated and learn which equipment is the best to use. It’s also the nature of giving, to be able to share that wisdom – I really love it,” he said.

A/Prof Chan has helped pioneer surgery techniques at the hospital, including Australia’s first single site robotic hysterectomy procedure in 2013.

“I really enjoy working at Westmead Private. The staff are amazing, they look after surgeons and Ramsay is always aware and observant of the latest innovation and technology,” he said.

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