New health education videos


A new video series has been developed to provide the community with health education to help people lead a healthier life.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital’s (SCPH) new video series, Care to Share, provides information from experienced doctors and clinicians on a range of health issues many people have questions about.

SPCH General Manager, Wallis Westbrook, said the hospital noticed an unmet need among patients and their families for access to general healthcare information in an accessible and innovative format.

“We realise that accessing general healthcare information still isn’t as easy as it could be – so we’ve decided to create the Care to Share video series.

“The series features local doctors from the hospital sharing their expertise so our local community can use the information to help make informed healthcare decisions,” said Mr Westbrook.

Urologist Dr Tony Gianduzzo was excited to be a part of the video series to help demystify topics that tend to confuse people.

“It’s always good to get the message out there on a much broader scale when compared to one-on-one interactions where you have to get into the fine detail of things.

“I’m hopeful the Care to Share series will make a real difference to people’s lives,” said Dr Gianduzzo.

The videos released so far provide information on prostate cancer, how to perform breast self-examination, clinical depression and the truth about bacon for brekky.

View all the videos here.


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