New award to recognise high performing systems and service


Patient outcomes are at the forefront of a new award for accredited healthcare organisations.

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) has launched The Exemplar Award to recognise healthcare organisations that produce a high performing system or service which is world-leading and results in high quality patient outcomes.

The Award is open to any accredited healthcare organisation, regardless of accrediting agency affiliation.

ACHS President, Professor Len Notaras said the ACHS has been working towards delivering a program that recognises exemplary effort at an industry-leading level.

“We have had numerous requests from our high performing member organisations who have been keen to seek recognition beyond the meeting of accreditation standards.

“The Board of ACHS are confident that the introduction of The Exemplar Award will be an industry-defining moment in healthcare as the recognition it provides will be the benchmark by which all exemplary projects and services are judged.

“The early feedback we have received from some of our members has been a strong sense of excitement that there is now an award that recognises exemplary innovation, appropriately judged against seven key factors of high performance,” said Prof Notaras.

There are four application phases:

  1. expression of interest
  2. documented application
  3. submission
  4. assesment.

For more information on the Exemplar Award visit the ACHS website.


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