New app to help with knee rehabilitation


A new digital platform will allow patients recovering from total knee replacements to have healthcare information right at their fingertips.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices and CSIRO developed a new smartphone app to support patients in their preparation for surgery and rehabilitation.

The app provides patients with practical information like pre-surgery checklists, reminders, supportive information and includes an activity tracker.

A website, which links back to the app on the patients smartphone, is where clinicians can monitor patient progress and develop physiotherapy programs for each patient’s needs.

CSIRO Health and Biosecurity Director, Dr Rob Grenfell said the technology has the potential to make a difference to patient recovery.

“The aim of our digital health platforms are to support patients on their surgery journey and recovery.

“This study will allow us to understand the ways in which the app changes the patient experience,” said Dr Grenfell.

The digital platform will be trialled by up to 300 patients across five hospitals, in New South Wales and Queensland.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Managing Director, Mr Gavin Fox-Smith said the trial presents a great opportunity to provide additional support to clinicians and patients.

"We are committed to improving surgical outcomes to support a patient's journey from pre-surgery education and exercises to post-operative compliance and return to wellness.

"We believe that the use of innovative technology combined with sound clinical research practices through this clinical trial will provide information to support the best outcomes for patients, surgeons and hospitals,” said Mr Fox-Smith.


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