New age knee surgery arrives at the San


Doctors at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San) are harnessing robotic technology to perform what they hope will be the most effective hip and knee replacements yet.

The San is the first hospital in New South Wales to install the Mako robotic system.

The $1 million state-of-the-art technology assists doctors performing joint replacement surgery.

The system comes with three safety features, including a warning sound if the cutting tool veers off course.

The robot also automatically shuts down if it encounters a problem.

“We hope to eliminate the error from surgery and get consistently good results,” the San’s Dr Charlie Lin said.

The system is being used for partial knee replacements, but it will eventually be used to perform total hip and knee replacements.

58-year-old arthritis sufferer Jenee Fawdry recently underwent a partial knee replacement.

After spending 20 years in pain, she said the result couldn’t be better.

Ms Fawdry said she was looking forward to getting active with her grandchild.

“Grandma’s young again? I hope so,” she joked.


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