More support for Australians living with eating disorders


A new national agenda has been developed to help Australians living with an eating disorder receive effective support.

The Butterfly Foundation released the first National Agenda for Eating Disorders (the Agenda) which provides guidance for the development of an effective level of evidence-based care accessible to all Australians affected by eating disorders.

The Butterfly Foundation’s Chief Executive, Christine Morgan said the Agenda was developed in consultation with Australia’s eating disorder experts and Australians who have lived with an eating disorder.

“The Agenda addresses critical areas of health system reform and identifies the priorities needed to provide access to evidence-based multi-disciplinary treatment and dosages to any Australian with or at risk of an eating disorder,” said Ms Morgan.

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration state eating disorders are estimated to affect around nine percent of the Australian population.

The Agenda was launched by the Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt, who also announced additional funding to the Butterfly Foundation helpline, ED HOPE, so its hours of operation are extended.

“Butterfly welcomes the Minister’s commitment to the National Agenda for Eating Disorders, Australia’s first national policy response to the needs of all Australians living with an eating disorder,” Ms Morgan said.

The National Agenda for Eating Disorders can be found here.


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