More care options for WA cancer patients


Comprehensive cancer care, close to home.

That’s the promise of Western Australia’s first private “one stop shop” for cancer treatment at Perth’s Hollywood Private Hospital.

Patients at Hollywood will have access to radiation therapy on-site, enabling them to receive integrated care with medical and radiation oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurse specialists, clinical trial researchers, allied health and mental health professionals, all on the one campus.

Hollywood Private Hospital CEO, Peter Mott, said previously, patients had to travel to a different site for radiation therapy.

“This adds to the already significant emotional and physical toll of cancer diagnosis and treatment, particularly for those receiving palliative care,” he said.

“Providing access to a one stop cancer centre will help to minimise the burden on patients and their families.”

Made possible by a partnership between Ramsay Health Care and GenesisCare, the new radiation oncology centre, will incorporate the latest technology.

This includes cutting-edge radiotherapy, delivered by a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, the Elekta Versa HD with the Brainlab ExacTrac X-Ray System, capable of delivering advanced stereotactic radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery.

“We are delighted to be partnering with GenesisCare to ensure cancer patients are able to receive rapid access to radiation therapy as part of our integrated comprehensive cancer centre,” Mr Mott said.

“GenesisCare will be joining a highly skilled network of clinicians at Hollywood who collaborate closely with one another to deliver the highest quality multidisciplinary and holistic care to our patients.”

An estimated 12,300 cancer cases are diagnosed in Western Australia each year, with prostate cancer accounting for nearly 30 percent of cancer cases in men. One in 10 women in the state will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 75.

The Hollywood Consulting Centre, which houses the new radiation oncology centre 

Hollywood’s new radiation oncology centre will have a strong focus on prostate and breast cancer, with Ramsay Health Care-employed nurse care co-ordinators, helping patients navigate through their cancer journey.

The Breast Cancer Research Centre, Western Australia, has partnered with the centre for additional breast care nursing support.

Carmelo Arto, CEO of Breast Cancer Research Centre Western Australia, Perth, said local patients would have access to the latest treatments.

“Affording local breast cancer patients access to multidisciplinary care, including research, treatment, support services, cutting edge radiation technology and specialist nurses, all in one place, is critical to improving outcomes and we welcome the news of the new radiation oncology centre in Perth,” he said.

Local breast cancer patients will also have access to innovative high precision radiation treatments including revolutionary new thermal-surface camera technology, which works in tandem with real-time X-Ray tracking for improved accuracy.

Unique radiation tracking technology will also be available to treat patients across breast, prostate, lung, skin and brain cancer, eliminating the need for permanent tattoo markers used in traditional radiation therapy.

In addition, patients at the centre will have the chance to take part in a broad range of radiotherapy clinical trials, with a dedicated clinical trials manager on staff to co-ordinate the clinical and technical research program.

The new radiation oncology centre will be equipped to deliver treatments for around 1000 Western Australian patients annually.


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