Mental health clinic expansion to help young Victorians


The Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is adopting an early intervention approach to helping young Victorians manage mental health issues, with the introduction of new services at the hospital.

The Clinic now offers a 10-bed in-patient unit and day programs for young people suffering from mental health issues including substance abuse disorder, depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Clinical Director of Youth Programs, Dr Alberto Veloso, said the Clinic aims to reach young people before an issue develops, rather than being a ‘last resort’.

"Our mental health programs are very much focussed on early intervention to prevent crisis, and to give young people an opportunity to learn the essential skills they’ll need to cope with their disorder and regulate their emotions.

“We conduct a thorough assessment of the young people referred to the Clinic to ensure we develop therapy and management plans that will deliver the highest level of care.

“Central to these plans is the involvement of families,” said Dr Veloso.

The Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital CEO, Peter Bailey said there were few treatment options for young Victorians in Melbourne’s West until they expanded their services.

“The Youth Clinic within Wyndham Clinic provides young people the opportunity to engage in treatment in a dedicated youth friendly environment, promoting skill development and recovery skills.

“Our extremely dedicated and driven team have developed a specific treatment program with a high emphasis on early intervention to prevent crisis and promote skill development,” said Mr Bailey.

The Wyndham Clinic opened in 2013 and now includes 50 inpatient mental health beds, including 28 adult beds, 12 drug and alcohol recovery beds and 10 specialist youth mental health beds, mental health day programs and outpatient clinics along with two theatre day surgeries.


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