Medical training experience led to lifetime of caring for women and babies


Witnessing a birth for the first time during medical training inspired a lifetime love of helping women and children for one Gold Coast obstetrician.

Dr Adriana Olog is the only practicing obstetrician qualified in Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) at Gold Coast Private Hospital and is one of only a handful of subspecialists across Australia and New Zealand who manage complex pregnancies from diagnosis through delivery – even administering in-utero treatment where necessary.

Dr Olog said she was inspired to pursue a career in MFM after being present at a birth during her medical training.

“It completely changed my life. For me, it was immediately obvious that I had an affinity with obstetrics and needed to look after women in labour and delivery," she said.

“I was exposed to different conditions and complications, and was drawn to those women and families who had a challenging story.

“The difficult journeys give me the most satisfaction and reward.”

Dr Olog provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for mothers experiencing un-routine pregnancy and babies with complications.

"I see families who have experienced complicated pregnancies in the past and women with chronic health conditions, as well as babies with birth defects or growth problems," she said.

"In most of these cases, MFM specialists diagnose the condition through advanced ultrasounds and blood tests, and monitor the pregnancy, before an obstetrician takes over their care during birth.

"As an MFM specialist and practicing obstetrician, I am able to care for these patients through the entire pregnancy and birth."

Dr Olog completed her subspecialty training at Brisbane’s Mater Hospital Centre for Maternal Fetal Medicine, before returning to Gold Coast University Hospital where she was one of the founding members of the Maternal Fetal Medicine department.

She then became one of the founding members of Grace Private, an all-female obstetrics and gynaecology practice within Gold Coast Private Hospital.

“When you have a family with a complex pregnancy, seeing someone locally to answer your questions is invaluable," Dr Olog said.

"We know that these families do best when we make their journey smooth, but also when there is consistency in the information given to them."

Dr Olog said advanced technology at Gold Coast Private enabled her to screen and assess women onsite in the Grace Private rooms where the latest ultrasound equipment allowed contemporary and comprehensive assessment.

“If we detect an issue, we can begin testing and offer counseling and management immediately, meaning expectant parents don't have to endure the anxiety and worry of waiting to see a specialist elsewhere," she said.

Dr Olog has treated a range of conditions during her career, from genetic or structural concerns, through to multiple pregnancies.

In a Gold Coast first, Dr Olog performed blood transfusions on a baby in-utero, who had developed anemia because of an incompatibility between the blood types of the mother and her child.

“This baby got very sick and desperately needed blood, otherwise he could have suffered heart failure, which can be fatal,” she said.

“We had to do a blood transfusion, inserting a needle into the placenta to infuse the baby with blood while he was still in the womb.

“After two transfusions we could delivery him safely, and I’m proud to say baby Harrison is now a healthy two-year-old. It was a huge achievement for Maternal Fetal Medicine on the Gold Coast.”

Dr Olog is available for referrals for general and routine pregnancy care as well as high-risk pregnancy management, from her Gold Coast Private clinic. She also offers all routine, as well as complex pregnancy ultrasound assessment through Grace Private where she works with her highly trained sonographers to offer exceptional care for all women.

"I have trained and worked across Australia, in both private and public settings, and the experience families have here at Gold Coast Private is unmatched,” Dr Olog said.

“The quality of environment, staff and service combine to deliver an incredibly holistic approach to patient care.

“When families come back and their baby is six weeks old, the smile on their face and their positive stories speak volumes.”



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