Maternity Angels at work


Six volunteers at John Flynn are taking the pangs out of hospital discharge for new mothers

John Flynn Private Hospital now has a fleet of Maternity Angels who promise to ease the trials of new mothers at the time of discharge from the hospital. They have put together a group of six women volunteers, aptly named Maternity Angels, who come in from Monday through Friday to assist new mothers during their discharge from the maternity unit.

At the time of discharge, the volunteers sit with new mothers, listening and offering support, helping families pack their belongings and help them carry bouquets of flowers and balloons to the reception. They spend 20 to 30 minutes with each couple / family, helping them with their check out formalities and, essentially, making them feel good.

Over the last six months, these Angels have made a huge difference in the maternity unit. John Flynn Private Hospital Nurse Unit Manager Gaylene Hardwick, who has been with the hospital for 19 years, spoke of the changes these ladies have brought to the ward.

“These volunteers make new parents feel good. People always remember how they were made to ‘feel’ in hospital. The time of discharge when couples have to head out on their new journey as parents can be a stressful or anxious time for some,” Ms Hardwick said.

The six Angels, who have been volunteering at the hospital for many years, have quite a few grandchildren among them and are quite well-versed with the problems new mothers face. “The Angels make a big contribution to our maternity ward with their kindness and cheer. We are grateful to have such a wonderful bunch of ladies working here” Ms Hardwick said.


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