Lucy’s luck is one in 48 million


A Queensland woman who shares the same birthday as her husband has defied the odds to give birth to their daughter at Greenslopes Private Hospital on the very same calendar day – 30 years apart.

The chances of a person having the same birthday as their mother and father are reportedly one in more than 48 million.

Caitlin and Tom Perkins had planned to go out for dinner to celebrate their 30th birthday on Tuesday, August 16 with a week to go before their baby was due . However, baby Lucy had other ideas - Caitlin went into labour while in Toowoomba early on Tuesday morning.

“My waters broke and I said, ‘no way’; I was in denial,” said Caitlin.

Lucy Marie Perkins was born at 39 weeks in Greenslopes Private Hospital’s maternity ward on Tuesday evening at 6:45pm, weighing a healthy 3.3kg.

Incredibly, her parents were coincidentally born on the same day in 1986 – within an hour of each other.

Greenslopes Private Hospital Obstetrician Dr Brad Robinson delivered the newborn, saying it was one of the most special days of his career.

“I’m fortunate enough to have a career where I have special day on special day, but I thought yesterday was amazing,” said Dr Robinson.

“It’s not often that you’re happy to be woken by the phone at 2:15am. But I received a call from the midwife at 2:15 telling me Caitlin had broken her waters and I was ecstatic because I had been pushing for it (the baby to be born on her parents birthday),” he said.

Tom joked the Perkins family will now hold an even bigger birthday celebration every year.

The family travelled to Brisbane all the way from Dirranbandi in South West Queensland for the birth.


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