Love of learning leads to accolades


When Angela Smith-Carroll was told that she is a finalist for the 2017 HESTA Nursing and Midwifery awards she thought they had made a mistake.

Ms Smith-Carroll is being recognised as an Outstanding Graduate for developing and researching an Oncology Resource Manual now being used by graduate nurses at Peninsula Private Hospital.

“The idea for the Oncology Resource Manual began when I started my grad year on an Oncology ward and found the terminology like another language. So I started a little book where I would list different types of cancers after my shift for my own information.

“As part of my grad program with Ramsay Health we are required to do a 20 minute presentation on anything that interests us, and so I decided to turn my research into a book that could be of assistance to future graduate nurses and present this book as my presentation,” Ms Smith-Carroll said.

The support Ms Smith-Carroll received from the education team allowed her to finish the book in five months.

The Oncology Resource Manual provides information to both health professionals and patients to better understand cancers and the different types of treatments available.

“I am incredibly proud that the book is now being used by the 2017 graduate nurses. It was a long journey from its inception to handing the final copy over to the ward, so it was almost a surreal moment. I hope that it can continue to be a valuable educational tool for many years,” said Ms Smith-Carroll.

Peninsula Private Hospital, Staff Development Coordinator and Graduate Program Coordinator Sandy Runkel, nominated Ms Smith-Carroll for the award and said she has a positive can-do attitude, and is a role model for all nurses not just graduates.

“Angela’s personal quest for knowledge, her broader vision and commitment to her patients, her peers and future graduates motivated her to develop the Oncology Resource Manual for Graduate Nurses that has enduring value and impact.

“It is a rare occurrence and indeed a privilege to meet someone who enters the profession as a novice and has an immediate and lasting impression – Angela is one such person,” said Ms Runkel.

Ms Smith-Carroll is excited about her future career and is planning further post-graduate study next year and said if she is lucky enough to win the Outstanding Graduate category on May 10 the money will be going towards this study.


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