Life saving procedure


Woman receives world’s smallest cardio defibrillator at Lingard Private Hospital

A 40 year old woman in Newcastle recently became one of the first in Australia to receive a new life changing surgery, when she was implanted with the world’s smallest cardio defibrillator at Lingard Private Hospital.

The revolutionary 45 minute procedure was carried out by Dr Brad Wilsmore on the morning of 16 September. The defibrillator, designed to treat life threatening arrhythmias, is about the size of a watch and less than 10 millimetres thick, and is slipped under the skin on the side of the chest while a small wire passes through a vein into the heart.

The device, which is free and is covered by Medicare, registers if the heart is going fast or slow, charges and shocks after detecting it.

Lingard Private Hospital, a member of the Healthe Care group, is a 98 bed acute medical & surgical hospital in the Newcastle suburb of Merewether. Lingard’s Cardiology Service was established in August 2013, and in the first year of operation has completed over 1100 procedures . The two cardiac catherisation labs are supported by a 12 bed coronary care unit and a 6 bed intensive care unit, managed by experienced and dedicated nursing and medical staff.

Karen Gallagher, CEO of Lingard Private Hospital said the entire hospital team was really excited that this mini device procedure, one that can save lives, has first been performed at Lingard Private Hospital by Dr Brad Wilsmore.


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