Leading cardiologist says act now to improve heart health


A leading Bundaberg cardiologist is urging men and women to take their heart health seriously.

Speaking ahead of Wear Red Day (February 26), which is part of Heart Research Australia’s Red Feb Awareness month, Bundaberg Cardiology cardiologist Dr Andre Conradie said fighting against heart disease was important because it is the single leading cause of death in Australia.

“Heart disease affects two out of three families and kills four times more women than breast cancer,” Dr Conradie said.

“Every 27 minutes, one Australian is killed by heart disease.”

Dr Conradie said people need to change their attitude toward improving their heart health, and that there was no time to waste.

“Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure can help to reduce the risk of heart attack, even in patients who show the early signs of heart disease,” Dr Conradie said.

Dr Conradie said moving more, eating better and in the right portion sizes, having a healthy mindset and monitoring things like cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and sugar levels were the essentials for maintaining a healthy heart.

Residents in and around Bundaberg have access to a leading regional cardiology facility at the Friendly Society Private Hospital, which has the only catheterisation laboratory between the Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

The hospital is committed to providing patients with access to high quality care and chief executive Alan Cooper said plans are already underway to further expand the hospital’s cardiology facilities.

“Once we made the decision to provide these services for our community, we needed to make sure this service expands with the growing population and need,” Mr Cooper said.

“This costs millions of dollars, which is why one of the key fundraising efforts of The Friendlies Foundation will be for cardiology expansion.”


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