Kareena Private Hospital development on the home stretch


Internal construction is underway on a $12 million project to expand accommodation facilities for patients at Kareena Private Hospital.

“We are adding a new ward which includes 37 new beds to meet the increasing demand for surgical services in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire," Kareena Private Hospital CEO Steven Rajcany said.

Surgical cases have increased by seven percent in the last year; orthopaedic surgical cases have gone up by 16 percent.

“New doctors are coming to the Shire to offer new services, so we’ve been able to commission new theatres and subsequently we have had an increase in demand for services,” Mr Rajcany said.

Existing shared rooms inside the hospital will also be converted into private rooms, which will bring the hospital’s bed capacity to more than 160.

Construction started in October last year and is on track to finish well before Christmas, after the concrete slab for the new ward was laid.

“From this point on, they are really moving forward quite heavily. There was a huge amount of excavation that had to be done to get the slab down and that is all completed now,” Mr Rajcany said.

Currently, the hospital offers a wide range of surgery in various specialities including orthopaedics, general, urology, plastics and ear nose and throat.

The changes are expected to attract new surgeons to the hospital, with the capacity to offer more theatre time and more inpatient beds.

“Already six new surgeons have started using the hospital because they have seen the development progressing,” Mr Rajcany said.

Once construction has finished, there will be 15 new full-time positions across nursing, allied health and support.

Further development is planned at the hospital, including another theatre, expansion of the day surgery and extra beds.


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