IP Health announced as major sponsor


The Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) is pleased to announce IP Health has come on board as a major sponsor.

IP Health started in the early 2000’s spun out of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and has now grown to become one of Australia’s most innovative medical software companies.

Chris De Sair, chief business development officer for IP Health, said his company offered a digital version of the “chart at the end of the hospital bed” that could cover all the clinical information in one health service, or combine any number of health services.

“We recognised that clinicians were spending a lot of time logging in to various systems to get information on their patients,” he said.

“So we worked with clinicians to develop a portal to bring all that together - a digital folder, if you like. It’s an integrated platform for health care.”

APHA CEO Michael Roff welcomed the partnership, agreeing the two groups could do a great deal of work together.

“APHA considers its Major Sponsors as true partners with our industry and our association. We work very closely with them and I look forward to welcoming IP Health to that mix.

“Private hospitals often take the lead in innovative practices in health care and always put high quality care of patients at the centre of what they do. Our hospitals and an inventive young company like IP Health are a good match,” Mr Roff said.

Mr De Sair added the partnership with APHA was a good cultural fit.

“We see ourselves as really being able to help clinicians save time and help hospitals save money and also to improve patient care,” he said.

“We looked at APHA and it seemed to be a great fit for us.

“The private sector tends to be a lot more innovative and looks at new ways of doing things and that’s what this product delivers and it’s really what we’re all about.

“We’re looking forward to working with APHA, it’s a great fit for our industry – everyone we have met and worked with there so far is really focused on the job and we hope to be able to help as many people as possible through this partnership,” he said.


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