Innovation in sight for Eye Tech


The Brisbane-based day surgery will be soon implementing the e-health record scheme

Even as the Government has allocated an additional $485 million for the eHealth record system in the Federal Budget and plans to boost its uptake with an opt-out model, Eye Tech Day Surgeries has been named as the latest hospital to join the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) in the rapid implementation scheme for the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) Program. The aim of this collaboration is to deliver better care for patients and to help build a more efficient health system in Australia.

For patients of Eye Tech Day Surgeries, most of whom are over 65 years old, this means getting the right treatment will be faster, safer and easier. Dr Steve Cook, an anaesthetist who frequents Eye Tech, said, “A PCEHR will increase the accuracy of information received regarding a patient’s medical history and medication. The safety benefits for patients who have a PCEHR will be substantial.”

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The safety benefits for patients who have a PCEHR will be substantial

As more healthcare organisations connect to the system, doctors and other healthcare professionals who are authorised will have access to key information, such as details of a patient’s allergies or any adverse reactions to treatment.

Other benefits include:

  • Convenience — patients can access their e-health records even while travelling, so they will not have to repeat or remember their health details or medications.
  • Efficiency – An e-health record will save time double-checking patient treatment history, giving doctors and nurses more time to provide patients with the best care.
  • Emergency – Healthcare organisations can temporarily access a patient’s e-health record in an emergency to ensure they receive the best care.
  • Assistance – If they wish, patients may nominate a trusted person — such as a carer or family member — to view the information on their eHealth record. Their nominated person can even fully manage their record on their behalf if they wish.

Helen Cowlishaw, a carer of an Eye Tech patient, said, “My relative whom I care for has had a few surgeries in the last few years. I can see how the e-health record would benefit us — we will not have to bring in all my forms and medical history for each appointment.”

The move reinforces Eye Tech Day Surgeries’ patient-centred approach to healthcare. The hospital’s primary focus will be using assisted registration on-site to sign patients up for a PCEHR, and then to upload the discharge summary to consenting patients’ PCEHR for their GP to access.


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