Imaging innovation frees up cramped theatre


Pindara Private Hospital has turned an unloved operating theatre into an in-demand surgery option thanks to “game-changing” new imaging technology that gives Gold Coast patients more treatment options.

It is the first hospital in Queensland to invest in a ceiling-mounted FlexArm system, which allows specialist teams to perform real-time imaging in 2D and 3D without needing to move the patient or operating table.

The Philips Azurion7 C20 lets Pindara’s medical teams move freely around their patients, and perform multiple surgeries or procedures at once.

It is installed in a hybrid theatre previously unpopular with some surgeons due to its space limitations.

Director of clinical services Tracey Clark said the technology was already proving to be a game-changer for the hospital and patients in the region, who can now access a wider range of procedures including chemotherapy to treat liver cancer, vascular and other interventions, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

“It has been a fantastic investment for us and our medical specialists have been very positive about it.

“It’s placed in our Theatre 11 Hybrid Room and while we used to have surgeons who didn’t want to work in there because of its space limitations, these surgeons are now asking to use that room because of this amazing technology.

“It provides very high-definition imaging and the quality is first class. It really has made a big difference to the type of imaging we can obtain,” Ms Clark said.

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