How to protect against cyberattacks


Online criminals are increasingly targeting healthcare providers – more so than any other industry – so what is the best way to defend your organisation's valuable data and prevent costly disruptions?

Hospitals are especially affected by cyberattacks, which try to steal patients' personal information while also causing havoc to day-to-day operations and putting people's health at risk.

However, cyber liability insurance provides protection against the costs inflicted by such cybercrimes, including hacking, cyber theft, denial of service, ransom attacks and data breach.

It covers the costs to the business as well as the liability to third parties and potentially any fines associated with the release of data.

Cyberattacks usually take organisations by surprise, especially if they do not have a response plan in place, but our dedicated team at Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers can guide you safely through the recovery process.

Our insurance policies pay for forensic investigators to provide assistance and advice from the moment you suspect wrongdoing of a cyberattack to the completion of a claim.

At Gow-Gates we believe our ability to respond in your times of need is what separates us from our competitors.

So how does it work? This is our five-step solution from incident to recovery:

  1. Healthcare organisation suffers a cyberattack.
  2. Healthcare organisation notifies Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers of incident via telephone.
  3. Healthcare organisation notifies insurer of incident via Cyber notification app – within one minute of doing so, you will receive a call from a consultant at our Incident Response Centre.
  4. Response management – within one hour of reporting an incident, healthcare organisation will be contacted by an Incident Response Manager.
  5. Recovery – with an expert panel of vendors working to contain the incident, the Incident Response Team will support you through the recovery of your business activities.

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