Hospital support helps nurse to flourish after tragic loss


A grieving nurse has thanked the team at Hollywood Private Hospital for helping to rebuild her life after the tragic death of her two-year-old son.

Marion Woodham lost her baby boy just three weeks before she started a graduate nursing program at the Perth hospital in 2020. 

“My world had been turned upside down,” she said. 

“The team at Hollywood, from training and development, executive team and ward staff, provided the most gentle and respectful support, comfort and compassion needed in this very difficult part of my life. 

“With their support, I was able to concentrate on learning and helping others. Nursing gave me a purpose – I relied on wanting to help.”

Mrs Woodham said the training program let her go back to basics and do something she loved. 

“It reinforced my will to do my best and show kindness to make the world a better place.” 

Mrs Woodham was recognised for her dedication in Ramsay Health Care’s Excellence Awards in February 2021, winning the Western Australia/South Australia graduate category for her professional approach throughout the year. 

She was one of 16 people celebrated for their roles as supervisors, graduates, interns, leaders and ‘people caring for people’ – the company’s motto – at the virtual online ceremony. 

“It felt great to be recognised by Ramsay Health Care,” Mrs Woodham said. 

“I am forever grateful as this supportive environment allowed me to express my passion for caring and helping. 

“I would probably not have achieved and flourished without this team.” 

Anne Green, Ramsay’s Training and Development Manager for Western Australia, said Mrs Woodham was nominated for the award because of her personal compassionate leadership with her team and fellow graduates. 

“Marion showed complete focus and drive. Knowing the enormity of what she and her husband had gone through left me in awe as to how they could possibly cope,” Ms Green said.

“Until I realised that it was by being the best nurse she could be, that this was in fact helping her along her own path, and driving the excellent standard of care she provided to her patients and their families.” 

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