Hospital brings rehabilitation in-house


Rehabilitation is a crucial part of post-surgery recovery – so a Sydney private hospital has integrated its in-patient services with a new state-of-the-art facility that allows people to continue their treatment on-site.

St Vincent's Private Hospital is the first in the Eastern Suburbs to offer such a 'seamless' continuity of care, at its recently-opened rehabilitation unit.

It allows surgeons to be post-operatively involved with their patients, while rehabilitation specialists can play a more proactive role in the early stages of care.

Bill Kennedy from Walgett in Regional New South Wales was one of the first patients to go through the unit, following a double knee replacement.

“I didn’t know what to expect with the recovery process but I knew it would be difficult, so to find out that my rehab would be provided seamlessly within the hospital was great,” Mr Kennedy said. “It was extremely convenient and the nurses were just fantastic, very professional and attentive.

“By the time I returned home I was up and about with only my walking stick. It was important for me to feel confident in my recovery returning back to Walgett,” he added.

The unit has 12 private rooms with ensuites, a hydrotherapy pool and a fully-equipped rehab gymnasium with panoramic city views, plus a large communal lounge and outdoor area.

The new service offers both in-patient and home-based care, tailored to individual needs, while day therapy programs are also offered to help with greater physical independence after discharge.

“As a large surgical hospital we offer the full range of joint, heart, brain and spine services,” St Vincent's CEO Tim Daniel said. “The multidisciplinary team of rehab physicians and allied health professionals will now play a key role in supporting these patients in their recovery.”

Dr Shari Parker, the hospital's director of rehabilitation, said the new unit gives in-patients access to early intervention from medical and surgical support services, and more intense rehabilitation.

“If required, patients can also continue their treatment while rehab commences, and in the case that a new medical condition arises during their recovery, this can be addressed in a timely manner,” she said.

The rehabilitation unit is part of a major redevelopment of the hospital, which has opened a new 13-storey East Wing.

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