‘Hello, how may I be of assistance?’


A visit to Knox Private Hospital isn’t what it used to be.

Envisage this: Upon entering the hospital, you’re approached by a staff member who asks how they may be of assistance. You’re then personally escorted to your destination.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you had entered the wrong building.

But that’s what patients and visitors can now get used to at Knox Private Hospital.

The Healthscope facility has introduced a concierge to better meet the needs of patients and visitors.

The service was established last year while the hospital was undergoing significant redevelopment work.

Recognising the potential issues for patients and visitors trying to navigate the building, hospital management responded with the clever solution.

Knox Private Hospital general manager Justin Greenwell said the service had been well received.

“Our visitors, patients and doctors have all commented on the great experience they have had with the concierges,” Mr Greenwell said.

“Being led to where they need to go without fuss and good conversation has been a consistent point of feedback.”

Graeme Williams says being on the concierge team makes him feel part of a patient's journey.

Graeme Williams says being on the concierge team makes him feel part of a patient's journey.

Complementing the busy front reception team, concierge staff are often the first point of contact for patients and visitors. They are greeted and then escorted to where they need to go.

Due to the size of Knox Private Hospital, which is the largest private hospital in the eastern and south eastern corridor of Melbourne with 359 beds, the service is particularly useful to patients.

“Our concierges take into account that many of our patients can feel uncertain and uneasy on their entry into the hospital,” Mr Greenwell said.

“Providing that initial sense of calm and control is incredibly beneficial for our patients.”

The four-person team works during the hospital’s busiest periods, with each member assisting up to 100 visitors on a busy day.

Concierge staff member Graeme Williams said the work is busy but incredibly rewarding.

“We recognise that our team plays an important customer service role within the hospital,” Mr Williams said.

“We all enjoy assisting the patients and visitors - we essentially get to facilitate their Knox Private journey.”

Knox Private Hospital isn’t the only Victorian facility to offer a concierge, with a Mandarin speaking service provided at Epworth HealthCare’s Eastern campus.


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