Healthcare trends show consistent improvements


Australia’s health care organisations are consistently improving across a range of clinical indicators a new report shows.

The Australasian Clinical Indicator Report 2009-2016 (18th edition)’ (ACIR), which reports on 736 health care organisations, including private hospitals, over an eight year period showed statistically positive trends in 71 clinical indicators in 2016.

The report, produced by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), is the only national data set that has consistently measured trends and results over a 24 year period. It shows a commitment to quality improvement in Australian health care.

ACHS President, Professor Len Notaras said the report helps clinicians understand and evaluate performance and improve practice where necessary.

“The benefit for clinicians is simple. By contributing to the data set their input enables clarity of where improvements have been made, and where there have been deteriorations. Understanding the problem is the first step to providing a solution and accurate data is key to this,” said Professor Notaras.

Key improvements include day procedures, gastrointestinal endoscopy, infection control and maternity.


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