Healing with art


Central Coast Clinic at Brisbane Waters employs creativity to improve patients’ mental health

The creative process can be a powerful and effective healing mechanism. Based on this premise, the Central Coast Clinic at the Brisbane Waters Private Hospital in Woy Woy, NSW, is using art to improve the mental health of some patients.

The Clinic’s Expressive Therapy Groups use various art forms to help mental health patients experience and express feelings in a supportive setting. These groups include movement or dance therapy, art therapy, and music therapy, which incorporates sounds and words for healing. The use of these arts allows the group therapist and other group members to see the world in the same way the patient does.

The clinic includes a 30-bed acute inpatient unit and a range of day therapy group programs for outpatients. The comprehensive and intensive day therapy group programs are designed to meet the patients’ diagnostic and recovery needs. The group programs assist patients in achieving personal growth, higher states of conscious awareness and a sense of wholeness.

In addition to general adult psychiatry, the Central Coast Clinic offers inpatient withdrawal programs for patients wishing to withdraw from the use of alcohol or prescription medications. Inpatients are encouraged to participate in a range of activities each day, including relaxation sessions, psycho-education groups, Tai Chi and supervised gym sessions. During their stay at the clinic, a team of highly experienced and skilled mental health nurses care for patients and consultant psychiatrists review their health regularly.

Group programs include Life Strategies Program, Emotional Wellness Foundation, Self-management Skills for Relapse Prevention, The Women’s Program, Addictive Disorders Recovery and Relapse Prevention and Healthy Minds Program.

The Central Coast Clinic has for many years provided private mental health services at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital, a member of the a Health Care Group, in Woy Woy on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. The clinic remains the only private operator of mental health services on the Central Coast. Apart from providing options for residents of the NSW Central Coast and its surrounding areas, it also caters to Sydney Metropolitan and country New South Wales patients seeking a private and peaceful treatment facility.


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