Groundbreaking app puts end to nervous wait


The family and friends of a patient undergoing surgery often endure a nervous wait before being reunited with their loved one.

But a groundbreaking new app from hospital operator Healthscope promises to make the situation that little bit less fraught.

Dubbed Patient Finder, the app lets a patient’s family members and friends track their progress through theatre, recovery and their return to the ward.

Healthscope’s corporate IT manager, David Bull, said it’s about making sure patients and their families have the best experience possible at Healthscope’s facilities.

“Our focus is to continue to provide our patients with technology that enhances their time with our hospitals,” Mr Bull said.

“From a digital perspective, we recognise there are key ways to make our patients, their family and friends interaction with our hospitals a lot easier.

“Patient Finder provides the opportunity for a patient’s friends and family to see their status in terms of surgery status, their ward location and room number and, in some instances, their telephone number.”

The app was first introduced at Geelong Private Hospital and the feedback from patients and their families was overwhelmingly positive, according to hospital chief executive Janine Haigh.

Ms Haigh said many family members reported feeling less anxious knowing they had information readily available to them.

“It provides them with the peace of mind that they know how they are tracking and know how to contact them at any given time. It reduces a lot of anxiety,” Ms Haigh said.

Ms Haigh said it’s likely the geographical location of Geelong Private played a part in the positive response.

“As a regional hospital, many patients attending Geelong Private Hospital have family and friends from outside the area who can’t attend the hospital on the actual day of surgery,” Ms Haigh said.

“With Patient Finder, they are provided with a near real-time update of their loved one’s status and can get in contact.”

Patient Finder is offered at 14 of Healthscope’s hospitals. The service will be available at the remaining 32 facilities before the end of the year.


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