Good outcome on chemotherapy funding arrangements


The federal government has announced that the interim arrangements for chemotherapy funding, which have been in place since 1 July 2015, will now continue indefinitely.

The announcement follows intensive lobbying by APHA, and is in line with APHA’s preferred solution which sought to minimise the administrative burden on hospitals, pharmacy services and compounders.

The arrangement will involve $40 being paid to pharmacists with EFC claims through the PBS claiming system and an additional $20 being paid to the TGA-licensed compounders via an external agency for each valid PBS claim.

This judgement does not reverse the decision to introduce two tiers of funding for TGA and non-TGA compounders, however APHA has indicated to Health Minister Ley that it is continuing to analyse the impact of the reduction in funding for non-TGA compounders.

APHA has also raised this issue with the Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation, which was commissioned by the federal government as one of the commitments agreed in the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

APHA will continue to meet with the Department of Health regarding the required software changes.

APHA members can access more information by reading the Members Bulletin that was distributed on 4 March.


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