Getting on board with men’s health


Greenslopes Private Hospital staff, and their courtesy bus, are sporting moustaches for Movember to help raise awareness about men’s health issues.

Greenslopes Private Hospital (Greenslopes) Head of Urology, Dr Glen Wood is speaking up about men’s health and in particular prostate cancer and why it is important to get checked.

“In its early stages, prostate cancer is actually an asymptomatic disease. The patient can have no symptoms whatsoever.

“We now recommend men from the age of 50 have a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test every two years and men over the age of 40 who have a positive family history for young age prostate cancer have testing every two years.

“Men are very good at shelving their problems and getting on with life but if they’re concerned about prostate cancer we have the resources to investigate them and to manage their disease,” said Dr Wood.

Dr Wood said treating prostate cancer patients has become one of the busiest areas of urology at Greenslopes and they now have two robots for performing robotic prostatectomy.

Greenslopes has one of Queensland’s largest private urology units which treats conditions including incontinence, bladder cancer, reconstructive and prosthesis surgery.


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