First post-natal program helps Illawarra parents


Figtree Private Hospital has opened the first residential post-natal centre in Illawarra, meaning people in the region no longer need to travel to Sydney-based facilities to get help with early parenting problems.

Figtree said its new Illawarra Early Parenting Centre, which caters to families with children aged between two months and two years old, is also the first offered by a private hospital in New South Wales.

Parents needing support with issues such as feeding and settling previously had to apply for lengthy waiting lists to get specialist residential aid.

“We’ve seen local families wait months to access early-intervention programs, and in some cases give up entirely because of the difficulty accessing these programs,” Figtree Private Hospital CEO Paul McKenna said.

“Studies have shown that early childhood concerns, left untreated, can often have long-term effects on a child’s health, well into adolescence,” he added.

The new centre can assist with home visits, access to an educational day program, or admission to the hospital’s five-night, six-day intensive inpatient program.

Staffed by nurses, paediatricians, General Practitioners, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and lactation consultants, the Figtree facility can provide support for feeding difficulties, infant sleep disorders and irritability, reflux and colic, maternal exhaustion, and help with adjusting to parenting.

“We’re pleased that Figtree Private Hospital can now provide a local alternative to Illawarra families – a high-quality, intensive residential support program – that has the potential to improve a family’s wellbeing at their current family stage, and in the future,” Mr McKenna said.


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