Epworth Geelong offers regional patients more health care options


Regional Victorian patients will be able to access treatment closer to home with the opening of Epworth Geelong Hospital this week.
The new facility will mean the end of long trips to Melbourne for some patients, and no doubt improved health overall.
The $277 million hospital opened its doors on Monday, with 400 staff on board and the first patient through the doors by 8am, and dozens more booked for surgery this week.
The hospital will also meet public demand for services, with about 7000 patient treatments for elective surgery, dialysis and day oncology each year through a 10 year contract with the State government.
It also adds 170 beds to the region’s capacity, with more to come as additions are made to the hospital.
The facility features private rooms with interactive touch screens storing patient information, an entertainment menu for patients and even meal orders.
The focus is on improved patient outcomes, says Geelong Chief Executive Officer Damian Armour.
“Everyone is on the same page about what we want to achieve here in taking the patient experience to another level in Geelong.
“I think people underrate the importance of someone walking into a hospital without feeling like they’re walking into a hospital and how that alleviates anxiety and assists the healing process.
“That’s the sort of environment we’ve tried to create; one where you’ll get better but it won’t feel like a clinical setting, it will feel like a healing setting.
“It is a different approach. You’ll have to ask us in a year or so whether we’ve got it right.” Mr Armour said.


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