Dudley Private Hospital celebrates 100 years


A 100th anniversary is a milestone few businesses will reach, but Dudley Private Hospital has done just that.

The Ramsay Health Care facility celebrated its 100th birthday with a black tie function on Saturday night.

Dudley chief executive Grant Frecklington said the ability to adapt had been the key to the hospital’s success for the past century.

“I think over the years Dudley’s had to evolve to whatever healthcare was required,” Mr Frecklington told the Central Western Daily.

“We’ve put in services and subtracted services, and we’ll continue to grow and evolve.”

Dudley Private Hospital opened in 1915 in Anson Street before moving to William Street and later Summer Street.

It began operating in its current location in March Street in 1979.

The hospital is thought to have been named after Lady Rachel Dudley, who established a hospital for Australians in France during the First World War.

Several private hospitals existed around Orange a century ago, but Dudley is the only one remaining after other facilities became aged care services or closed.

“A lot of people spent time at Dudley and put it where it is today,” Mr Frecklington said.

“These transformations are only possible with good people.”

About 160 people attended the celebration on Saturday night, including surgeons, physicians and nurses.

“The atmosphere was unbelievable, it was fun to be decked out in black tie and everyone enjoyed the night,” Mr Frecklington said.

Ramsay Health Care’s St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.


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