Digital transformation the next challenge for hospitals


Hospitals need to get on the front foot when it comes to digital transformation, according to digital health company, IP Health.

IP Health and the Australian Private Hospitals Association recently carried out a survey, investigating the issue of digital transformation in the private sector.

IP Health Chief Operating Officer, Chris De Sair, said the company wanted to understand what hospitals thought about digital strategy and how it could be improved.

“We see health tech as possibly the number one opportunity for the health sector to improve health outcomes, while at the same time, also being the number one opportunity to improve productivity.

“Having said that, I would say a lot of hospitals need a bit of help when it comes to digital transformation – they’re nervous about digital strategy and how to invest.”

IP Health markets Verdi, which essentially brings the hospital together via an organisation-wide digital platform. Rather than having digital silos for each hospital function, it makes sense to integrate all systems via a central hub – a hospital wide digital platform to to make it easier to use and interact with.

“In some ways, the private sector is at a disadvantage in that they don’t have access to unlimited taxpayer funds to spend,” Mr De Sair said.

Verdi is designed to work within existing hospital processes and technologies to build a custom solution that meets the hospital’s needs. It is currently being used by 5000 clinicians around the country.

Most participants in the survey said digital transformation was important and that the reasons for pursuing it included productivity increases, improving quality of care, improving the patient’s journey and keeping up with customer expectations.

According to the survey, some of the biggest blocks to digital transformation were perceived costs, difficulty, time and integrating with a hospitals’ current system.

“We would certainly like the private sector to see IT as a point of difference from the public sector and to look at how it can help patient care and improve productivity,” Mr De Sair said.

“For IP Health, this is an ongoing process and we’d like to conduct another survey, more in-depth, later on and of course, we want the private sector thinking about us when they’re thinking about digital transformation.”

IP Health is a Major Sponsor of APHA.


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