Delmont Private Hospital – 50 years of mental health care


The independently-owned psychiatric facility in Glen Iris, Melbourne, offers inpatient services, group therapy programs and consultations with mental health specialists.

Delmont CEO, Peter Selar, said 50 years in healthcare was a great achievement. The hospital has been under continuous direction since 1981 from Dr Mark Bryce and Dr Abe Zelwer.

“We recognised the growing demand for private individual care by our most recent redevelopment in 2012 with an increase to an 88-bed facility,” he said.

“The hospital currently has more than 55 mental health health specialists on site across a number of special interests,” he said.

Mr Selar added it had been heartening to see the change around how Australians viewed mental health issues, including events such as R U OK Day.

“We can talk about mental health more openly now without the same stigma from the past,” he said.

“Of course the regime of various treatment options  has changed and Delmont has always been at the forefront of inpatient, day programs and outreach services.”

A wide range of professionals work at Delmont including  psychiatrists, addiction specialists, nurses/nurse therapist,  psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and allied health.

“We have one staff member who has been here for 38 years,” Mr Selar said.

“We recently conducted a staff culture survey with Best Practice Australia and we were delighted with the results – 79 percent of our staff think that Delmont  is a truly great place to work and we exceeded 99 percent of the benchmarking norms.

“So not only do our staff recommend Delmont as a great place for treatment, but also as a great place to work."

Delmont Private Hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reception for more than 220 people earlier this year.

“Whilst we reflect on this historical milestone of 50 years, we also look to the future,” Mr Selar said.

“Delmont values all relationships established over many years and it is from these relationships that we can continue to build in identifying and discussing new concepts,” he said.


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