Dedicated endoscopy unit opens to treat more patients


The Friendly Society Private Hospital (Friendlies) dedicated endoscopy unit is now open and the benefits of this purpose-built space are recognised by doctors and patients alike.

The new space has improved patient flow, efficiency and relieving pressure on existing space.

The Friendlies CEO, Alan Cooper said the endoscopy unit was created after the Day Oncology Unit was relocated and had been well received.

“Our doctors who now use this new facility have been very receptive to the change and impressed at the efficiency and flow it extends to both doctor and patients.

“They are pleased we can offer this as a dedicated service to their patients, instead of as part of our regular theatre processes.

“There are many benefits to the patients, such as being moved in and out of the unit more efficiently, but it has also been a benefit to the hospital by relieving the pressure on our other five operating theatres and recovery area,” Mr Cooper said.

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