Beyond the call of duty


House Supervisor Pam Marley’s ready smile and helping hand bring cheer to the patients and staff of The Hobart Clinic

House Supervisor Pam Marley is one of those hospital workers who go beyond the call of duty to bring a smile to the faces of patients and colleagues alike. “If there were a scorecard for positive comments on staff, Pam would be right on top,” says one of Ms Marley’s colleagues.

Caring about her colleagues and work and engaging with patients is high on Ms Marley’s task list. Her ready smile has touched the lives of many patients and staff at the clinic, and her zeal to perform her duties to the best of her ability is infectious.

In her current role as house supervisor, Ms Marley is responsible for overseeing the work of all domestic staff, but she doesn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty. She has vacuumed miles of corridors, changed thousands of sheets and washed the floor hundreds of time at the clinic.

Her colleagues say Ms Marley is always supportive and willing to help. “Pam always has time for everyone, no matter how busy she is,” says Cara Molineaux, a services staff member. Patients give the same feedback. “Like other healthcare facilities, we take patient feedback on their satisfaction with our service and areas where we can improve.

Every time we review our patient experience of care survey results, there are positive comments about Pam,” says the Hobart Clinic management. Comments like “don’t ever let Pam leave, she is one of the most important people at the Hobart Clinic” are frequent in the diary.

Employed at The Hobart Clinic for 23 years now, Ms Marley was the first recipient of the Employee of the Year award in 2010 as voted by her peers. Alison Garrett, general manager said: “I remember how surprised Pam was as being awarded Employee of the Year. She really has no idea how valuable she is to the organisation.”

If you ask Ms Marley what she likes about her work at The Hobart Clinic, she says: “Every bit of it. I love working with the patients and staff.” In this day of escalating social media engagement, The Hobart Clinic feels that of all their consumer engagement mechanisms, Ms Marley is the most effective. “Her efforts are always geared towards helping patients by giving them a patient hearing and making their stay pleasant. She listens in a non-judgemental way and genuinely cares for people. Pam’s engagement with the patients means she can also provide valuable information to clinical staff on how the patients are travelling,” says the clinic’s management.

Ms Marley also has a fun and mischievous side that sees her dress up as Santa Claus during Christmas. She loves chocolate and can sniff it out wherever it’s kept. If it’s a sugar fix you are after in the middle of a busy day, Ms Marley is your go-to girl – she always has a stash close by that she is willing to share.


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