Bethesda Health Care recognises long-serving staff members


Bethesda Health Care nurse Christine Hurley has won the Matron Beryl Hill Exemplary Professional Practice Award in a special ceremony recognising long-serving staff members.

Ms Hurley won the award for her high quality nursing practice and it was presented at the hospital’s annual Remembrance Foundation Day celebrations.

A staff member for 25 years, Ms Hurley is a clinical nurse in the surgical ward.

‘Winning this award is an honour, although nursing is team approach and I feel that all of the nurses I work together with deserve recognition,’ she said.

This is the third year the Matron Beryl Hill award has been presented. Matron Hill began the hospital in 1944.

Ms Hurley was recognised along with 23 of her colleagues who have been part of the hospital between 10 and 25 years.

Hospital CEO Ms Yasmin Naglazas said that ‘Remembrance Foundation Day acknowledges our heritage, Christian beginnings and our ongoing commitment to caring – and it is a perfect opportunity to recognise our long serving staff members’.

Staff awards: 10 years’ service: Caroline Vittiglia, Simon Williams, Bernadette Glossop, Lisa Carr, Rafaela Reyes, Sally Winfield, Scott Robinson, Francisca Conceicao, Marie-Louise Brown, Mirsad Sarajlic, Jane O’Keefe, Kerry Jones, Lorna Breen, Anne-Marie Hayes, Seena George, Emma Whyte, Vanessa Flavel, Stephen Kirby, Celia Veiga.

Staff awards: 15 years’ service: Pauline Pickford, Luke Pasotti, Helen Nell

Staff awards: 20 years’ service: Grazyna Murie

Staff awards: 25 years’ service: Christine Hurley



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