Baby boom continues at Norwest Private Hospital


Norwest Private Hospital celebrated a record number of births in 2015, with 2,097 babies delivered in the maternity ward.

The boom has continued into 2016, after the hospital started the year with three births on New Year’s Day.

Leah Laurence and husband Chris arrived at the hospital at 11.50pm on New Year’s Eve. They watched the fireworks on television between Leah’s contractions.

The couple greeted their second son, Matthew Jacob Laurence, at 8.47am the following morning.

Weighing 3.624kg and 52cm in length, Matthew was the first baby born at Norwest Private Hospital in 2016.

“New Year’s Day 2016 will always be remembered as one of the best days of our lives,” Mrs Laurence told the Hills Shire Times.

“We feel so blessed to have a beautiful healthy new baby. We couldn’t ask for a better way to start the new year.”

The first girl born at the hospital this year was Aarini Iyer, the second child of Swetha and Vinod Iyer.

Aarini, who wasn’t due for another 10 days, arrived at 11.29am. She weighed 3.552kg and was 50.5cm long.

“We hadn’t planned to do anything on New Year’s Day and we were going to stay home, but my wife went into labour at 7.30am,” proud father Vinod said.

Aarini Iyer was the first girl born this year at Norwest Private Hospital.

Aarini Iyer was the first girl born this year at Norwest Private Hospital.

The wife of former National Rugby League star Nathan Hindmarsh gave birth to the third New Year’s Day baby at Norwest Private Hospital.

Nathan and wife Bonnie were holidaying with their three sons in Pearl Beach when she went into labour.

The couple rushed to the hospital and Dodge Billy Hindmarsh arrived healthy and happy just before 9pm, weighing 3.084kg and 47cm in length.

Nathan, Bonnie and Dodge returned to their holiday two days later, so Dodge could meet his older brothers, Archie, Buster and Rowdie.


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