Australian first at expanding Peninsula Private


Peninsula Private Hospital is the first in Australia to offer a procedure to improve quality of life for cardiac patients who require complex treatment for blocked arteries.

Peninsula Heart Centre cardiologist Dr Greg Szto is the only specialist in Australasia with approval to use a device which opens the artery blockage without affecting blood flow to the other side branch arteries.

The BIOSS LIM C bifurcation stent has a ‘gate opening’ –  so when one blockage is opened, blood still flows through the other vessel.

It can be used to treat difficult coronary artery blockages, where a traditional stent might not be appropriate.

“This unique stent technology has offered my patients freedom from ongoing angina and reduction in their antianginal medications and, in some cases, avoided more invasive surgical management of their coronary artery disease,” Dr Szto said.

Due to the challenging nature and complexity of his patient demographic, and the varying levels of success with other techniques to treat bifurcation coronary lesions, Dr Szto sought other options.

He ended up in Poland, where the BIOSS LIM C is made, and left convinced it would benefit his patients back in Victoria.

The first recipient was a 70-year-old man with a complex artery blockage involving two areas of the heart, and Dr Szto has now treated 14 patients requiring bifurcation stents at Peninsula Private.

The Frankston hospital has recently unveiled a $34 million expansion, opened by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt in March 2020.

The 14-month project includes two new wards providing 72 private beds, plus six extra day-oncology chairs. It also adds two operating theatres, giving the hospital – part of Ramsay Health Care – eight in total.

“We are in the unique position to be able to offer residents on the Peninsula access to the highest possible standard of care using state-of-the-art technologies,” hospital CEO Michelle Henderson said.

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